At Authentic Love Tantra, you will be introduced to multilayered Tantric and NeoTantric practices. The main purpose of our classes is to encourage and facilitate meditative tantric practices for embodiment and alignment of the body-mind-spirit. White tantric events are non-sexual in nature in which we will engage in meditation techniques, mantra chanting and relaxing techniques. Some events are Goddess circles for women only. White Tantric pujas are a ritual energetic engagement with a partner/partners to bring enrgetic and polar balance.


Red Tantric events include the education of human sexual energy and its powerful regenerative force. Some events are centered on solo practices of honing it, circulating it within the body for healing and energetic charging while some will be group events where we will practice with a partner or partners.​ All events are done fully clothed and engage mainly the build up and movement of energy to fuel, greater awareness, expand consciousness and aliveness!

About Red Tantra

Can you imagine sex/lovemaking as a worship and meditation? What would it be like? 
Through the ancient practices and teachings of Tantra and the Tao, you will explore and deepen into greater self love and authenticity with yourself and others. In the Tantric tradition sexual energy is a gift from mother nature and a vehicle for human transformation, sexual alchemy, and eventual transcendence. Tantra is the art and science of honing this powerful force to liberate the human spirit, setting free the power and potential within, along with tapping into the wisdom of the body. In ancient India, the education of Tantric practices were taught inas life tools for a harmonious and beautiful family and societal life. 
Would you like to live with more love, joy, passion, harmony and freedom? Are you ready to discover yourself and your true potential on a deeper level? If so, join us for a variety of classes, events, workshops and courses to delve into self exploration, self love, harmony within and without. 
Unleash your passion for life and ignite the flame of self love within you. Experience a greater opening to receiving and giving love around you. Share from the heart as it opens to bliss, love, harmony, peace and joy. 
This is an invitation to experience the unwinding of your spirit and live from the core of your essence!