Sessions and Rates


Awakening Body Bliss!


Are you feeling stiffness in the body and isolation in the mind? You may be experiencing stress from too much mental activity.  Do you have energetic balance in your everyday life to bring a sense of warmth that is necessary to counter the effects of negativity faced in the rut of life today? If not, you may be experiencing low energy, soul fatigue, mental and physical rigidness.  Our bodies release oxytocin when nourished energetically. This helps relax the mind and move out of the head so you can resume the flow of creative expression through mind-body-spirit alignment. In our rigid social framework, many people suffer as a result of demanding work oriented culture and lack of soul nourishment to balance the energetic outpouring.

Many of us are constantly giving in our lives to family, friends, work, projects, businesses and other facets of the world around us, and we may not receive enough. To be able to give more freely, we need to delve into greater receiving. Give yourself the gift of just receiving healing, uplifting and rejuvenating soul nourishment and expand your threshold for receiving greater joy.

Allow yourself to let go and relax completely in this meditative experience. Reconnect with your inner harmony and ease into the session for nurturing and healing. Let go into pure healing ecstasy to release emotional blocks out of the body through breath and sound. Allow a freer expression of yourself as you open up to the spontaneity of your Being.

Awaken your soul to the magic of body bliss!

Session type: In person

The session rates:

First session is a 3 hour session for $450

Follow up sessions are 90 minutes for $250 and $100 for each additional 30 minutes.

Energy Attunement and Alignment sessions

Learn to breath in a way that energizes, calms, soothes and relaxes the body and mind. Meditate in a way that best suites you either through activity, dance, laughter, tears, mantra, or visualization. These are power-packed sessions to help you release core energy for greater vitality and vigor.

Session type: in-person, or Skype 

Session rates:

60 minute sessions for $150.


Talk Therapy

Sometimes we need to talk about things which are lingering in our minds that we are not comfortable sharing with anyone else. You may have heard the saying that talking to a friend is the best therapy there is. However this may not necessarily hold true as most people are not skilled listeners or trained to help us maneuver through our psychic mess. We need a sacred space to be heard to move through our experience in this wave of thoughts that sometimes veils our perception of reality and our inner truth. These are therapeutic talk sessions to help you navigate and deepen into your hopes, fears and desires with energetic support for emotional release and upliftment through guided breath work, sounding, healing meditation and relaxation.


Session type: in-person, Skype or phone.

Sessions rates:

60 minutes for $150 and $50 for each additional 30 minutes.