A Few Testimonials from workshop attendees:


"I really enjoyed learning about the deities and hope to learn more. You have an amazing wealth of knowledge and I appreciate all that you've shared. Please let me know of upcoming workshops. I'd love to attend more." - Angelina Duran (LA)

"I enjoyed meeting new people, learning about Tantra and doing the activities. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I found it to be very inspiring. I want to make sure my chakras are open and would love to learn much more." - G (LA)

"I enjoyed reminding myself about my personal goals and sharing those with others. For my 1st time, I enjoyed the provided information of Tantra. What stood out for me was learning to relate to others with intent and presence!" - Man (Pasadena)

"I enjoyed connecting with others and the partnered sharing. I love your knowledge of both Classical and NeoTantra. Very thorough guidelines and fascilitation. Today's teaching aligned with my goals and helped bring clarity and knowledge on the progress I've already made as well as clarifying new life goals. Im looking forward to more workshops and bringing a partner to this one!" - John (Newport Beach)



Private Sessions:



  • My first time experience with Tantra session with Palki Mawar was indescribable. Can you describe being in your mother's womb? Or your own birth? Can you describe yourself floating the air? Well, that is exactly how my experience was with Palki. It brought realization and truth that was buried deep in me, that I had never seen or faced before.-Palki is an authentic soul. She has been in the role of a healer for many cycles and she does it so phenomenally! A single session allowed me to overcome physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain and gain much needed clarity for my own path.

  • Palki is a true healer that holds space for you: to notice, to forgive and to love yourself. I'm very appreciative I've found Palki in this lifetime again.

  • THANK YOU! I attribute SO MUCH to your tantric healing. It really restored me to my pre-trauma path. I also lost 15 lbs...my doctor said I had some excess weight and hormonal imbalances as protective mechanism. Now that I've been restored, I don't need any crazy protective mechanisms.


  • Aside from being a fun experience, which it very much was, Palki's work was also very healing for me. During the session, I got in touch with a memory of a long ago event and suddenly saw it in a whole new light. I didn't realize how much baggage I'd still carried from that event, but revisiting it in this way allowed me to process and heal.

  • Palki creates a beautiful energetic and supportive space, allowing one to open up safely and let go into experience. Palki is a beautiful soul, and she even gave me chocolate afterwards, perfectly adding to the afterglow.

  • I have never experienced such an amazing awakening of sense and serenity. The first part of the treatment felt so good and primally sensual. And then I began to just float, my very first out of body experience, and my mind and body felt incredibly pure. Palki's awesome presence kept me from floating away. For days afterward I felt cleansed and renewed.